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Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to use free internet without any internet connection?

Hey... Friends Chinmoy here and today in this tutorial i am going to teach you How to use free internet without any internet connection?

Just you have to follow the steps listed below
1- Register yourself on http://www.pdproxy.com/signup.htm
2- Now download the software from website it is only 2Mb software.
3- Now use any net setter or mobile phone and connect it to your PC.
4- It will not work with wi-fi connection and you cant make any ad-hock network through this.
5- Speed of the net will depend on the Net setter speed or operator speed.
6- Now extract zip file and install it in your PC.
7- Now launch the pd proxy through launcher.
8- Provide user name and password of your account which you have created on www.pdproxy.com .
9- Now enjoy free upto 100Mb/day.
10- Go on basic setting and select Auto Connect modem.
Hurry up before they stop this facility.
I am using this through M-blaze and i am getting 280Kbps downloading Speed and if you only do surfing than this is best option for u..

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