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Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to Block unwanted calls to your mobile number? (For Vodafone Only)

Do you often see yourself taking calls you don’t want to? Well, you can now block all unwanted callers with Vodafone Call Filter.
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  • Block unwanted callers
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Step 1: Dial *514# (toll free) and press the call button
Step 2: Select the language of the announcements
Step 3: Select 1 to subscribe
Or alternatively you can also call 55144 and follow the interactive voice menu
Your service will be activated within 4 hours and you will be intimated through SMS.
Or you can also activate by an sms ACT CFS to 111 (toll free) for Postpaid customers / sms ACT CFS to 144(toll free) for Prepaid customers.
Deactivation – sms CAN CFS to 111 (toll free) for Postpaid customers / sms CAN CFS to 144 (toll free) for Prepaid customers

Block unwanted callers

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Once you’ve subscribed to Call Filter you can choose to block one or more numbers by dialling *514# (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone. Alternatively you can even call 55144 and follow the interactive menu. Now you can create a list of numbers who will not be able to call you on your Vodafone mobile phone. This list is called the Blacklist.
  • To add a landline number prefix it with the STD code, say for Mumbai: 022– landline no.
  • To add the mobile number just key in the 10 digit number
  • To add an ISD number, prefix number with ISD code and area code
You can enter as many numbers as you want to the blacklist. The blocked caller will get to hear the following message when they try to call you:
The Vodafone subscriber you are trying to reach does not wish to receive your call.
By default all blacklisted numbers you define will be set when you roam.
This service provides for an additional feature of Whitelist, which helps you receive calls only from the numbers you want. This feature comes handy when you are traveling or don’t want to be disturbed by most barring a few close ones.
  • To start using the service, you have to subscribe first and create your Blacklist
  • Blacklist and Whitelist are mutually exclusive services and at no given point of time you can have both blacklist and whitelist service active
  • You can create and manage both the lists but only one of them will be active at any given time
  • You can perform the following activities once you have subscribed to Call Filter.
  • choose your last incoming call number to be entered in the blacklist or whitelist
  • add, delete or view numbers in your list.
  • Monthly rental: Rs 99
  • Calls to 55144 @ 50p / min
Note: All VAS service rental charges do not fall under proportionate billing. Full rentals will be charged irrespective of date of activation.
To view the Call Filter demo click here

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