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Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to crash a website using LOIC + Downloading link! [Explained Briefly with pictures]

Hello Friends Chinmoy Here….
And today I am going to teach you how to DDos a website Using LOIC
First what is LOIC
LOIC :- Low Orbit Ion Cannon
This tool is made in visual basic but it is more effective.
Picture of Low Orbit Ion Cannon (Click on the image to make it large)

Okay let's come to the point now.
How to crash any website using LOIC?
Well, It is pretty easy!
Here are the steps!

1. First of download LOIC by clicking here
After downloading LOIC open it.
2. In the target column enter the victim's url that you wanna crash!
3. Enter the url (that you wanna crash) IP addresses 
     [[ TO know the website IP addresses Open cmd type "ping www.siteyouwannahack.com"
without (") quotes.
for example :- ping www.google.com
4.Click Lock On In the URL field and in the IP field.
5. In down you can see there is Attack Option as shown in the pic below
 (Click on the image to make it large)
Click the method tab and select https
Click on the threads tab and select how much threads you want!
Threads are available between 1000-65000
Click the <= faster      Speed       slower=> tab and select how much speed you want.
I suggest you to drag the speed to slower (please don't ask why?)

6.At last click the IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER Button as shown in the pic below
 (Click on the image to make it large)
All the steps pic
When the attack is going on You can see the attack status as shown in the pic below:
Click On the Image to make it large
Remember :- While entering the victim's URL please don't use https://
For example :- http://www.anysite.com <<<-- Don't use http://
                        www.anysite.com         <<<-- Enter Like this!

This All Guys If you have some doubts or questions 
then comment below!

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  1. Thanks bro!
    For this beautiful tutorial i have crashed one site!