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Friday, August 31, 2012

||||| [TUT] Upload _'Shell.php'_ as a _'Shell.jpg'_ (Change PHP to JPG) [Pics] [HQ] And Deface a site !!

Hey Friends , Chinmoy Here......
After a long interval i am going to post something now !! LOLZ ;-)

I Should Get an Award for this Tutorial *Just Sayin'*

This tutorial Shows you how to Upload your Shell.php as a Shell.jpg


Requirements : 

1) FireFox Browser

2) HTTP Live header Firefox addon *Click Here*

3) a Shell (.php or .asp) I will provide a good private shell at the End of the Tutorial

4) Tools I will provide at the End of the Tutorial (up.jpg & up.phtml)

Steps : 

1) Find a Website where you can Upload Images *you may need to Register on websites*

I Used this Dork on Google => inurl:upload_image.php

If you don't know whats a Dork ... Just copy and paste it on google

I got This Website : http://installshieldindia.equestind.com/..._photo.php

[Image: Selection-010.png]


2) Now We are going to Browse for 'up.jpg' then Open Live HTTP Header From (Tools >> Live HTTP Header)

Then we Click on 'Upload'

Now go to Live HTTP tool and Search for 'Filename = up.jpg' and Click on it then press the 'Replay' Button.

Now Change 'Filename = up.jpg' to 'Filename = up.phtml'

Just like what I did Here : 

[Image: Selection-014.png]


3) Now We Uploaded the Image :D ... time for Soma Nasty Stuff.

Go to where the Image was Uploaded ... mine was http://installshieldindia.equestind.com/userphotos/

[Image: Selection-011.png]

404.php is my Shell 'Its a Private shell so u cant access it :p'


4) Now go to installshieldindia.equestind.com/userphotos/up.phtml

you will find a Page like this :

[Image: Selection-013.png]


5) Choose your Shell.php or whatever you want and Upload it. 


6) go to the Shell Location, Mine was : installshieldindia.equestind.com/userphotos/404.php

[Image: Selection-012.png]


7) Enjoy Hacking :D

Note : Please Don't Remove the Upload_image.php from Site or make Any Damage to Make this Tutorial more Understandable for others, yet find another Dork (exploit-db.com/search) is the best way to find some good dorks.

Oh I was gonna forget, Tools : http://www.4shared.com/photo/YJqs5hsU/up_online.html

For the 404.php Private Shell, Post Down that you want it and I will send it to you (Dont PM me !) me and I will give you Link 

Sorry If It take some time so that I send you shell but ... I can send it right away if I get some thanks xD

Regards ^_^

          Chinmoy Pratim Borah (Wild Wings Hackers)


  1. I can't do this.. :(

  2. Fake I rited 200 times not work idiot

  3. please re-new the file link it;s dead

  4. Can you post 404.php shell to me? my email address is prorasmusfilms13@gmail.com