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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tutorial | How to set up a booter | Learn to DDoS

What a booter is & What it does:
A booter is a tool used for taking down websites and servers.
Most booters use shells,
Example of shell: HERE

How I think it works:probably not right but
It sends packets of data to a server, more then the server can handle and then ends up going crazy. The shells on their own don't do much damage, that's called a DoS(Denial of Service) attack. We want a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack. It's sending many more packets, making it more powerful.

1. Get a free webhosting account. I can't help you here, most of it's pretty simple.

2. Make a MySQL Database. Most free hosting providers use cPanel, and it's really simple to use.

3. Upload the Booter. I found this booter lying around on the internet, it works and is easy to set up.
Download Prodigy's Booter: Download Link
Virus Scan for Prodigy's Booter: http://vscan.novirusthanks.org/analysis/...vb3Qtemlw/

4. Inside the ZIP file, everything INSIDE the source folder goes inside public_html.

5. Open dbprepere.sql in notepad, copy everything.

6. Go to PHP my admin, select your database and press SQL

7. Paste everything in SQL and press go

8. Your database should be populated with tables.

9. Open dbc.php (via file manager on your free hosting NOT the one on your computer)

10. Fill in all of the values of the database (you normally get these when you make it)

11. Go to your website and press REGISTER

12. Fill in the details accordingly

13. Go back to PHP my admin

14. Go to the Users Table and press browse

15. Find approve over your user and change it to 1

16. Change user_level to 5.

Finding and Adding Shells:
Remember earlier I told you about shells? Now we need to add them, you can easily find them on this site. Now we need a shell checking program.
Shell Checker: Shelll Checker Download

1. Paste your shells into the box that says 'List to check'
2. Press the Start Button
3. Wait a while, if you have alot of shells it can take a long time.
4. Go back to your booter, log in and press Add Shells
5. Copy everything into the UDP box, paste it into GET shells
6. Copy everything from the TCP box and paste it into post shells.
7. Press add shells
8. The Booter is Finished

How to use the booter:
1. Find your victims IP address. If it is a website, it has a built in checker.

2. If it's running a server, write the port of that server. If you are unsure or it is not a server leave it as 80.

3. Write a time you want the attack to last for, I recommend about 70 seconds, it does have a cap but you can adjust by editing the PHP file.

If you thought it was helpful then thanks, if you think it's crap tell me why it is and I'll put it right! Thanks!