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Monday, December 31, 2012

DDos a site using Online Loic by

Notice :- This is a online LOIC (ddos tool) created By Bl4ck - E4gl3. Wild Wings Hackers is not responsible what you/bl4ck - e4gl3 use this to harm others. W.W.H is just posting this news.
Bl4ck - E4gl3 New Logo.

Hello friends this Is Chinmoy and here today i am going to tell u about a new ddos tool created by Bl4ck - E4gl3.
I.E Loic (I think you have heard and seen this) I have posted som many topic on it!
Now, Bl4ck - E4gl3 has also created a Online LOIC (which is more effective then the LOIC Program).

Now, How to connect with Online LOIC???
 It was released on :- 31/12/12
 And there is the online LOIC!! Here is the screen shot :-
So How to Use it?
On the URL Tab put the url that u want to ddos.
Give ur desire threads and connections and message
And then click the blue button Simple!!!!

Screenshot :-
If u have any Questions Comment Below!