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Monday, December 9, 2013

An Unofficial Guide To Hack Facebook? |Most Common Methods|New Methods|Exploits|SE Techniques|

Hacking Facebook Account Is Declared Illegal In India And In Most Countries.
So use this method at your own risk, if something wrong happens then Wild Wings Hackers is not responsible.

Hello Friends, M Back here after many days... So today in this post i am going to teach you to hack facebook accounts with many methods and techniques.


1. Phishing.
2. Key-loggers.
3. Trojans.
4. Viruses.
5. Malwares

The above mentioned methods are very common, and all of you might know, for newbies who don't know the common methods, they can read here.

#2 New Methods
1. Fake Profiles Attack ( The New And Fresh One)
3. Desktop Phishing/DNS (A new method by WWH) 
Just Click On The Names For Getting INFO's and desktop phishing post will come soon.


#3 Exploits.

#4 Social Engineering