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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How To Get Things For Free From Amazon? | SE Trick |

Get Almost Things For Free..

Hello, Mates, Today In this post I am going to teach you how to get things free from Amazon.
Well, this trick is very easy, Hope you all like it, and also don't forget to comment and share this post.

Trick Name : Get Things Free From Amazon *World Wide*
Method : SE ( Social Engineering )
Verification :  √ Verified √
Risk Level : ✸✸✸------------------------------
✸✸✸ Use This Trick At Your Own Risk,If Something Went Wrongs, Then WILD WINGS HACKERS or author of this post is not responsible. ✸✸✸

Things you need :

1. Internet
2. Fake Receipt Download from HERE
3. Brain [Optional if you are in USA]

✸✸✸ TUTORIAL ✸✸✸

  • First go to HERE Choose your type of help. Make Sure you are logged in you amazon account before going to the link.
  • Then Wait for a representative to come online.. Talk to him and Say that you received A defective Item. [Now they will request you your receipt]
  • Download this Fake receipt generator from HERE Then create your Fake receipt generator for yourself and give them make sure you made the general changes like country and other things in the reciept already.
  • Now the main thing is they will ask you to send the defective items 
  • Just say that :
  • In game/movie DVD case :
  • Say that i already recycled it not to worry about it [and they will agree with you as they will think that you are a good person of a good community who recycles lol.

  • In Any electronic Gadget Case :
  • Say that it might work sometimes so i will use it until you send me the new one and when they will send you a new one say that you recycled it. Haha (cheeze)
  • Don't ever hesitate while talking to them on phone or either or chat And be cool and don't let them rule over you just flip the **** out if they will try to do it.

♥♥♥♥Credit Goes To : 

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