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Sunday, December 15, 2013

HOW TO RESTORE HACKED OR DEFACED WEBPAGES? Part 2 {Method : Finding shells in the same server.}

Hello, Mates, Chinmoy Here, and welcome to my new tutorial.

As, I have told you in my last "how to restore hacked or defaced webpages?" that I am going to explain the methods mention there to restore hack pages, So today I am going to explain about the first method mention there  i.e 1.Find Shells In The Same Server.

So, Now read carefully what I am going to explain you about "Finding Shells In The Same Server"

Well, Its very easy to find shells on the hacked webpage**

**If the hacker has not deleted the shell.

Before I am going to explain you anything, You must know about the shell names that are being uploaded while hacking a web server.

Most Common Shells that are being uploaded while hacking a web - server :

1. c99 Shell 
2. Madspot Shell 
3. r57 Shell
4. c100 Shell
5. Dhanush Shell
6. Private Shell (Password Protected shell like : DK shell, and so on!)

Sometimes the hacker change the shell name, so that no one can find their .php shell in the web hacked server.
The common name they use :
2. 123
3. Hackers Name ( like : snipper, phonix etc)
4. 789
5. Alphabets ( like : a,b,c.....,m,n,o.......x,y,z)

So, you have to use your brain for find the shells, I think you can use, Because everyone has a brain.. :p

Now, let's hunt for the shell,

Okay, Now the question arrives how can you find the shells,

Okay, I have the solution for it.....

Getting Shell Uploaded to a hacked server:

1. Crawling the website.

Ans : By crawling the website you can search for any .php or .asp or .jpg extension file, and testing those files that you have dought that it can be a shell.

So, how to crawl the website,
For crawling the website you can use any scanners, here I am using Acunetix 9.0 for crawling,

After Crawling a webpage I got this files that were uploaded to the hacked server :
After Searching for little i got the shell... :) Now got access to shell,
(use TOR BROWSER for getting access or uploading shells)
And you got the shell access and i can easily edit any thing.

2. Using Scrips for finding shells..


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