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Monday, February 17, 2014

How to crack RDP's With angry IP scanner |RDP HACKING

Hey Guys... After a long time I am going to post a tutorial.... this tutorial is about cracking RDP's.
Now a days many people are asking me RDP's so, today i am going to tell how to crack them..

Things Required : 
1. Angry IP scanner.
2. xTScrack
3. Wordlist
4. Brain

Setting up AngryIP:
After you have setup all of that up please follow the short instructions below, it could save you a lot of time.
How to setup AngryIP:
Set your ip range where is says ip range.

Click Tools > Preferences > Ports.
now type 3389
(Most R.D.P's use this port!)
Now you have done that, from the ports menu click "Display".
From then on check box the one that says "Hosts with only ports open" (Only shows the ips that has the port "3389" open.)
Click okay, nd click "Start!"
How to use xTSCrack:
Now here comes the easy part. 
Once you have your list of IP's please do the following. 
Every I.P that you have now should be in fact working, nd ready to use, we just need the login! 
That's where xTSCrack comes in ! Big Grin
[color=red] How to setup & run xTSCrack: 
Type in your target ip.
Select the option "Wordlist & Userlist."
Select single I.P Adress in the Target Mode section.
Now finally import your Userlist (Username list), WordList(Password List), and your output results location.
Then click start
I hope that this tutorial was easy to read, nd some of u enjoyed reading it, nd that this method became successfull, Good Luck

Thanks : #Error Root