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Monday, September 3, 2012

How to hack facebook/orkut/twitter/gmail etc accounts using backtrack 5

Hello Friends Chinmoy here and today i am going to teach you How to hack facebook/orkut/twitter/gmail etc accounts using backtrack 5

Download Backtrack 5http://www.backtrack-linux.org/downloads/
Tutorial by Wild Wings Hackers
Difficulty levelHard

Open your backtrack 5’s terminal and type cd /pentest/exploits/set 
Backtrack5 1
Now Open social Engineering Tool kit (SET) ./set 
backtrack5 2
Just hit ENTER and SET will Open , Now just select 1st option (1 Social-Engineering Attacks) and hit enter after that 2nd number (just type 2 as shown in snapshot) 
backtrack5 3
Now Just select 4th Option “Tabnabbing Attack Method” and Hit ENTER 
backtrack5 4
Then select 2nd option “Site Cloner” and Hit ENTER 
backtrack5 5
Now here you need to add the URL of Facebook (if you want to hack gmail then just add the gmail’s URL) 
backtrtack5 6
Now just hit the enter. 
backtrack5 6
Open new terminal and just type ifconfig and hit ENTER 
backtrack5 9
Now just copy this IP address and open it in Browser. 
backtrack5 7
Now here I am just typing test email and password to see whether it works or not. 
backtrack5 8
Now just hit enter and switch back to our terminal and we found the Email and password ! 
backtrack5 10
This tutorial is just educational purpose only.

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