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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to hack website databases ? [[ New Tutorial ]]

Hello Friends Chinmoy here and today i am going to teach you How to hack website databases ? [[ New Tutorial ]]

Last Post About Database Hacking :- 

The database will be automatically download it into your computer and what to do with the information you may find in it. Although i take full responsibility of this work, i do not however accept or encourage any illegal actions you may put your self into. so that said let's go.

before we begin, there are three things you will need.
1 - internet connection MUST be available
2 - Miscrosoft acess MUST be installed on your computer (to check if you have MS acess, just click on start > All programs> microsoft office ....
3 - A glass of water and some fruits. ( to refresh that hacking mind of yours).

Assuming you have all the requirements we are going to start NOW: 

Step One
let us search for an admin page of a website that have a rich database (say we are looking for CC info.) now go to http://www.google.com and in the search area type "shopadmin.asp" (without qoutes). for the purpose of our tut, let us select the first option which reads : VP-ASP Shopping Cart or click HERE to go directly.

if you are there, you will see a page asking for username and password. it is important to state here that some hackers at this point will use SQL injections or some other means but that is not our point here. so relax and take a sip of the water.
Step 2
the url of the site looks like this : http://e-virtualview.com/shopping/shopadmin.asp
if that is what you have then good. now the end of the url looks like this : /shopadmin.asp change this into : /shopdbtest.asp therefore we will have a new url like this : http://e-virtualview.com/shopping/shopdbtest.asp

once you have made the changes press enter on your key board. a table will open having a mark X infront all variables for exampl XDatabase right? good. although this table have some other information like Xemail, XdbLocation etc, what is important to us right now is the xDatabase which in this case is shopping350.
Step 3
now our url looks like this http://e-virtualview.com/shopping/shopdbtest.asp ok copy the xdatabase which is shopping350, then paste it to the url and the add mdb at the end. ok look at this. currently the url is http://e-virtualview.com/shopping/shopdbtest.asp change it to http://e-virtualview.com/shopping/shopping350.mdb
hit enter on the keyboard - automatically, a download will start........ you are now downloading the database which have ll info about the site purcahse and in some cases their sensitive files.

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